Beyond21 September 2024Værløse

136 km

The long course of Beyond showcases the essence of what we like about gravel and all road cycling. The 136 km takes you to known and unknown roads in Nordsjælland, and with its roughly 50/50 mixture, it beautifully varies from fragrant forest to dusty farmer roads, over tarmac, and then back to gravel roads. This, to us, is the essence of modern cycling. It is suited for the fast and the trained rider.

87 km

It is in the DNA of Beyond to include everyone who loves to breathe the power of nature. Therefore, we have created a more accessible route that most can overcome. If you are new to gravel cycling or simply just want to have a great day with friends on the bike, the 87 km is for you.

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Sustainability startswith change

Beyond the vision

Beyond is a gravel cycling race with a consciousness.
As cyclists, we must give and pay something back to nature — the nature which offers us a precious space to breathe in.

With the birth of Beyond, we want to inspire other cyclists, and we believe that nature itself is the greatest source of inspiration. It emphasize the power of life itself and that we are just here for a short visit.

More people have started cycling and being outdoors as an alternative to our busy and scheduled work lives. The understanding and importance of balance in our lives is growing tremendously in our society — and nature is the perfect setting to connect to that understanding. It simply reflects what we already bring. It does not ask questions or provide answers. It inspires and creates balance.

So we have booked a date with nature, so you can decide how you spend your time. If you want to drive around the podium, we are ambitious with you. If you want to disconnect from life’s noisy frequencies, we vibrate with you, and if you want to hug and talk with your riding buddies, we feel with you. There is no wrong way to be in nature or to ride a bike.

On this very simple set of values, we have created a venue that hopefully encourages you to be part of the change.

We strive to create an epic cycling event and to give you all a great day on the bike. But what is even closer to our hearts is to facilitate a space where you can resonate with your inner inspirational voice to maintain a meaningful life today and beyond.

Our partners whothink beyond

Our Partners

We envisioned Beyond to be more than a gravel race. So, we wanted to partner up with the most visionary and uncompromised brands we could think of. We are proud and excited to see the still-growing list of pioneering companies that support our vision. Whether they excel in product design or sustainable change, we believe in their philosophy of offering extraordinary products and experiences driven by a profound passion to make the impossible possible.